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17 December 2009 @ 09:34 am
Spinners Unite! It has been in the works, we know this. For years now we sit in our little satellite studios/kitchens/garages spinning our hearts out to a backdrop of garbage bags spilling fleeces, glittering dust-bunnies and the low blue glow of the laptop flickering Ravelry. We know each others email ID's but not our names. We know each others yarns on sight but we've never touched them. There's a lot of us. We've been at this for awhile. It's time to show the rest of the world what we're talking about.
And what are we talking about? What is the thing we are tracking down? That fine line. The line between Art and Craft. Or maybe it's the net cast around them both. Spinners don't hold one above the other. Spinners inheriently seek balance. When art and craft blend seamlessly together you have integrity and beauty. We know this. It's what keeps us all so excited and why spinning is a growing thriving movement. But outside of the fiber community not many people understand what all the fuss is about. Until now that is....

OH LILLEHAMMER! We Hear Your Call!
Of course it is in the bosum of fiber and needle craft that is Norway that the Handspun Revolution will be waged. Thanks to the tireless efforts of my now good buddy Eirik Bruvik (must-see amazing textile artist) we are not only holding a big spinning workshop in Lillehammer but the gracious Galleri ZINK will be hosting this yarn-only, yarn-as-art, yarn/art show. Yarn as the subject people! That's right, in a gallery. Not a craft gallery. Not half paintings and half pottery and half yarn and half gift cards. It's an art show. People go to art shows to have their perceptions challenged. To learn new things. To be surprised. To be engaged. And this is what I want to do with this show, but it's not really just up to me to do it. I mean, I could do a solo show if I were just thinking of myself as an artist, putting my single perpective on display. But I'm just as much a spinner as I'm an artist and spinning is a craft. A craft becomes a craft when it's a skill that a good number of humanity does and does well. And spinning right now has entered an active phase so it's not only a craft but it's a movement. Spinners are moving the craft, pushing it's boundaries, changing it's form as well as it's purpose and this is happening because we're all doing it together. Building on eachothers momentum. And so it's seems like this gallery show should reflect the current state of spinning. And that means you people.
WE are having a show. This is a two or three phase project and so I'm just going to start with the first part and see how quick we can get this army moving. The first and major element of the show is going to be a gigantic, world's biggest, hugest, skein ever made and i want it to wind through the whole gallery space. i want it piled up against the wall. i want people to have to stretch to step over it.

I want to take a yarn from every single spinner out there willing and connect them all into one single continuous strand. One yarn made from many. An example of our collective individuality culminating into a single beautiful whole. Which is exactly what the Handspun Revolution is. It's all of us spinning our own completely unique creations and allowing those ideas to absorb into the craft as a whole. We are all working on one giant worldwide yarn all the time if you think about it like that, as knowledge being created and shared.
You in?
thought you might be.

we only have 4 months respectively to get this thing done. here's what I'm going to need from you guys:
1) BIG MOUTHS: We need all of you to tell as many spinners as you know about this project. Are you a member of a guild? Get your whole guild to contribute. Got a blog? Ravelry? Etsy? Use it. Spread the word!!
2) RAVELRY ORGANIZER: Someone else needs to do this not me, i have absolutely no time to manage it...just being straight up here. So we need a volunteer to create a group so that you guys can have a forum to see what everyone is creating for this project, get ideas, get a sense of how many Revolutionaries we have. Please call the group something related to the show (Which is titled Handspun Revolution, but tag it with Lillehammer or Galleri Zink or something...you know, you guys are better at Ravelry than me).
DONE! You peeps are fast. Contributor's Ravelry Group
3) YARN!: This is the heart of it. We need each of you to spin one yarn to contribute to the Revolutionary Skein. It should be whatever YOU want it to be. It can be tradtional, non-traditional, any fiber spun in any way. Put your best effort into it. ANYONE can contribute, even if you just learned how to spin yesterday. we are trying to show the world the craft as a whole in all it's facets and variations.
TAGS: SIZE OF A BUSINESS CARD OR SMALLER ONLY! Your yarn needs to be tagged!!! Since this is about all the individuals that make the whole, please tag your yarn with the following: YOUR NAME. Where You're From. Whatever else you want. These tags will remain on your yarn for all the world to see!

Please include a piece of paper, any size any style written with any utensil stating what spinning means to you. What it does for you, what you think about it, a weird or exciting story about it, a poem about it, or anything else to this effect. I WANT YOUR THOUGHTS ON SPINNING. either personal, or abstract, or analytical or hysterical. doesn't matter. (I plan to wallpaper the gallery with these revolutionary ideas).

Please include ALL THREE of the forementioned (yarn,tag,statement) in order to be included in the project and mail it to:
1709 Carson Rd.
Placerville CA,

Any Questions? Email me handspunrevolution@gmail.com (note the special email for this project.)

Gallery ZINK!

The Vision
. OH Yeah, I know. we need A LOT of yarn. GET SPINNING!

Oh my! Did I say that out loud? ......Uh, well....we all gotta have dreams right?

SEE! I'm serious. This thing is goin' down baby's!
(Anonymous) on December 17th, 2009 05:52 pm (UTC)
I definately want in on this! I also hope to get a place at the Lillehammer Workshop, I dont know yet if I have got a spot or if I am on a waitinglist.

I will be linking this post from my blog and posting it at a norwegian spinningforum I am a member of.

-Silja www.silja-devine.com
pluckyfluff1pluckyfluff1 on December 17th, 2009 05:59 pm (UTC)
Re: WOW!
thanks so much!! yes, we definitely need local spinners in there!