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14 September 2010 @ 11:55 am
Bulking Up!  
Two more super bulky Navaho-plied yarns. They end up so ropey! Yet so soft.....

REMINDER! Camp PORTLAND is this weekend. Not to late to join, there are a couple of spots left. I'll be using the AURA, so even if you are not enrolled and you just want to come check it out, stop by!

Camp Pluckyfluff, PORTLAND, OR
Bamboo Grove Salon
134 SE Taylor, Portland OR 97214
Sept. 18-19th, 2010


SUPER SHIZZLE! Wool, alpaca, sari silk and some other stuff. I spun in the AURA style in spots and when that gets navaho plied it looks AWESOME. My new new favorite thing. FOR SALE ON THE YARN PAGE.

LUMPLE- Also navaho plied.....yes i'm addicted. FOR SALE ON THE YARN PAGE.