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29 September 2007 @ 08:38 pm
Million Dollar Smile!  
The votes are in....and the winner is Liz Mitchell's......um....er....lovely....serpentine....lochnessy.....sealionish.....wuzzlefubber! and it was ALL ABOUT THAT SMILE! Over-all competion here was cuteness vs. the teeth. and people were torn. the wuzzlefubbers were SO DAMN CUTE. but it looks like the twisted side of people won out this day. not that this guy aint cute!  just cute in a very twisted kind of way....

congrats Liz!! fantastic job! email me your address and i'll send your prize (along w/your other stuff i still have- ug!). oh yeah....my demon-eating wuzzlefubber is going to love your monster. they can drink whisky, watch america's next top model and stare down the neighbor's dog together.

Contestants- amazing work all of you. so brave to try this in the first place. breaking away from patterns is hard enough, but creating your own design and spinning it right into the yarn takes creativity, forethought, skill and GUTS! so yay-a-roo to all of you!

here is America's Top Wuzzlefubber:

and just to see if this beautiful smile would work for us humans...i tried it on jessica simpson. stunning!!

we go on dancing nonethelessloudxmouse on September 30th, 2007 05:15 am (UTC)