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02 May 2008 @ 11:07 am
The Reanimater part V- At Least You Have A Face!  
oh happy day! it looks like i recovered enough of Squirrel (actually, i think i'll call him Squirrel II now...for obvious reasons..) to put him back into decent shape. i have him in the lab and have decided the best way to proceed will be to crochet him in slip stitch with a hook big enough to handle some of those big chunks of matted fur. so far so good. i think i have located the proper parts. i started with his head and luckily both eyes and some brain matter ended up in the right place! i can see that Squirrel II was re-born under a lucky star. today is his birth day...what is it...May 2nd? he's a Taurus! here is your birthday horoscope for today Squirrel II:

You may feel like things don't appear to be coming together fast enough in your life, Taurus, but in reality you are making progress. Not everything that happens is visible. People are working on your behalf without you even knowing it. Trust that all is perfect and life is progressing exactly the way it should.

see Squirrel II!! it's all coming together! i have a really good feeling about this......

The Reanimater Series
Submit entries to The Yarn Museum
Deadline Weds. May 7th
Vote! here May 8th

please include pictures of:
1) the type of critter you're re-animating (just pull an example off the web)
2) your materials
3) the finished yarn
4) the re-animated critter

don't forget! CNCH (Confrence for Northern California Handweavers) is in sacramento this weekend. i will be doing a book signing on saturday with YARN BARN OF KANSAS. come by and say hey!!!

Double Tree Hotel
(business 80-Arden Way)
Sacramento, CA
Sat. May 3rd
at The Yarn Barn of Kansas booth

The yarn for Squirrel II all wound up and ready to go:

got the head on and now working on the body. i can't seem to find his little paws anywhere. it's gunna be tough-nuts eating if he doesn't have those little grippers.... but let's not dwell on the negative. would you look at that adorable button nose???! a total improvement over the old one...

oh what a face!! you're beautiful Squirrel II!
(Anonymous) on May 3rd, 2008 10:03 pm (UTC)
Squirrel and CNCH
Hey Lexi!
Nice meeting you today at the Doubletree Hotel, Kansas Yarn something or whatever. Had a very inspiring time watching you spin and talking to you - can't wait until November, so excited about the Camp!!!
Squirrel is coming along nicely, I think, and actually resembles one, who would have thought...
pluckyfluff1pluckyfluff1 on May 5th, 2008 06:33 pm (UTC)
Re: Squirrel and CNCH
thanks eva! it was great talking to you to. see you in class!